Sitecore Page Events Logged by Coveo for Sitecore

When the Analytics component is enabled, Coveo for Sitecore logs a variety of page events in the Sitecore xDB, such as those described in Available Page Events.

There are also a few events logged by Sitecore by default.

Search Event

The Search event is available by default in Sitecore. When using the Coveo UI components with Analytics enabled, Search events will be logged for the following user actions:

  • Search Query submit - when the user clicks on the search button or types enter in a search box.
  • Search-as-you-type - when the user searches for a value in an interface in which search-as-you-type is enabled. 

This event appears as the following in the Experience Profile:


No Search Hits Found Event

This event is a specific use case of the Search event, which is only triggered when a query returns no results. This applies to the same user actions as the Search event.

By default, this event doesn’t appear in the events of the Experience Profile.