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Sitecore Items Do Not Get Automatically Indexed


Whenever a Sitecore item is either created or modified, Coveo for Sitecore may not index it, even if Live Monitoring is enabled in Coveo Enterprise Search (CES). This may also result in incorrect search results, or in a “silent” CES Console, meaning that Sitecore items don’t appear as being indexed. This problem may occur with any Sitecore index.


Although the root cause of this issue is still unknown at the moment (it is currently under investigation by Sitecore), it affects all Sitecore versions. For some reason, indexing stops processing new events on items.


The solution is to restart IIS when this occurs:

  1. Open a command prompt and execute the following command:


  2. Validate that newly created or modified items are properly indexed when they’re saved or published.

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