Hive Components - Inserting an Example Search Page Results in No Renderings


When inserting an item from the Example Search Page branch, the resulting item has no renderings.


A conflict occurs with a Coveo Hive processor when modifying the item Display Name attribute in the item:saving event.

Instead of using the branch field values, the processor uses the item Standard Values. This removes all the renderings from the newly created item layouts.

The Coveo Hive processor can’t update the renderings defined on the newly created items since they’re no longer returned by Sitecore.


There are two ways to solve this issue.

Change the Event Type

Sitecore recommends changing the event type from item:saving to item:saved, as the problem only occurs when using item:saving. Changing the type therefore fixes the issue.

Remove the Code That Modifies the Display Name

Find the handler that changes the item Display Name in the item:saving event and temporarily disable it to create the Example Search Page.

Here is an example of code that modifies this attribute:

item.Appearance.DisplayName = item.Name.Replace(" ", "-");

If you’re using Launch Sitecore, the fix is to comment out the following line in the www.LaunchSitecore.config file, in the <event name="item:saving> node:

<handler type="LaunchSitecore.Configuration.AuthoringExperience.ItemNaming.ItemNameHyphenHandler, LaunchSitecore" method="OnItemSaving" x:after="handler[@type='Sitecore.Tasks.ItemEventHandler']" />