No User has been Provided for the Search Request


Querying on the search interface returns no results and triggers a Oops! Something went wrong with the server error instead.

When looking at the POST request to the Coveo server, the status is 200 but the response says No user has been provided for the search request.


The Security Provider isn’t providing any valid user to Coveo, which suggests it’s not configured correctly.

The cause could be that the name of the Security Provider isn’t specified correctly in the Coveo.SearchProvider.config file. This is more likely to happen on a CD server where the Security Provider’s name isn’t the same as on the CM server.

Otherwise, it could simply be that the Security Provider has not yet been instantiated.


  • Coveo for Sitecore

  • Security Provider

  • REST request


If the Security Provider’s name differs from the one on the CM (this information is contained in the Coveo.SearchProvider.config file), it has to be changed so that both are the same.

If the Security Provider isn’t yet instantiated, you need to index any item or rebuild your index content. The Security Provider will be created during the first indexing operation.