The Sitecore Security Provider ABC has encountered a fatal exception class CSP FatalException Unable to connect to Sitecore


  • When accessing your rest api on your CES machine (default location is localhost:8080/search/rest ), you have 0 results.
  • A Search in the CES Administration Tool Index Browser shows search results from your Sitecore source.
  • Your setup contains at least one Sitecore CM and one Sitecore CD.
  • You’re indexing only the CM.
  • You see error messages like the ones below in your System Logs:

    |WARNING|2015-06-10|10:58:54|0|class Merlin::SecurityProviderNotRegisteredException: Security Provider "Sitecore Security Provider ABC" not registered.|||

    |ERROR|2015-06-10|10:58:54|0|The security provider "Sitecore Security Provider ABC" has encountered a fatal exception: class CSP::FatalException: Unable to connect to Sitecore.|||


  • Coveo for Sitecore 784+
  • Error Message
  • Security Provider, Indexing


The problem is that the Security Provider can’t connect to the Sitecore instance and therefore no content can be added to the Index.


  1. Open the Coveo.SearchProvider.config file.
  2. Locate the <ServerUrl> node.
  3. That node needs to contain the address of the server that’s indexed by Coveo. Most of the time, that’s the address of the CM).