2019 Interface Editor Releases

This page summarizes the new feature and bug fix introduced throughout 2019.

June 2019 Release (v1.11.4)

New Drag and Drop Components

The Category Facet, Timespan Facet, and Simple Filter components are now available as drag and drop components in the Interface Editor.

New Way to Create Tabs

The Add a New Tab button has been removed. Pre-configured tabs can now be created more naturally by drag and dropping a Tab component in the page.

Simplified Settings

Several advanced components and options have been removed from the Interface Editor in an effort to make it easier to use.

You can still leverage advanced components and options in the markup configuration of your search page, which is accessible through the Code View tab in the Interface Editor (see Automatic Initialization and Using Attributes).

  • You want your search page to send custom context information along with each query and usage analytics event.

    Since you can no longer create PipelineContext components in the Interface Editor UI, you configure the component directly in the markup of your search page:

    <div id="search" class="CoveoSearchInterface">
      <!-- ... -->
      <script class="CoveoPipelineContext type="text/context">
          "userRole": "developer"
      <!-- ... -->
  • You want to set the allowQueriesWithoutKeywords option of your main search interface to false.

    Since this option has been removed from the Interface Editor UI, you add the corresponding data- attribute in the markup configuration of your SearchInterface component:

    <div id="search" class="CoveoSearchInterface" data-allow-queries-without-keywords="false">
      <!-- ... -->

Other Changes

Issue number Enhancement
IE-598, IE-614 Various improvements to the Facet Value Caption Editor.
IE-599 Change the “search as you type” string to “search-as-you-type”.
IE-620 Ensure that human-readable component option labels are automatically generated.
IE-644 Ensure that only facet fields are suggested when creating a facet.
Issue number Case Maintenance case
IE-616 00050409 Fixed TypeError issue when deleting field from Field Table.
Issue number Bug fix
IE-618 Fixed issue where Filter Expression Editor didn’t properly send the organizationId query parameter.

April 2019 Release (v1.10.6)

New Feature: Facet Value Caption Editor

You can now normalize facet values captions directly in the Interface Editor.

alternate text

Other Changes

Issue number Enhancement
IE-359 Improve Use in the following tabs facet menu
Issue number Bug fix
IE-511 Fixed issue where dropping a Tab disarranged alignment in Code View.
IE-530 Fixed issue where clicking Undo/Redo sent an editorLoaded event to Coveo usage analytics.
IE-536 Fixed missing options issue when editing a result template from new tab.
IE-585 [Filter Expression Editor] Fixed minor CSS issues with IE11.
IE-588 [Filter Expression Editor] Fixed parsing when many terms aren’t enclosed between double quotes.
IE-590 [Filter Expression Editor] Fixed parsing issue when field queries are joined with lowercase AND operator.
IE-610 Fixed issue where deleting a filter expression made the text input disappear.

February 2019 Release (v1.9.5)

You can now use the basic mode in the filter expression editor to quickly and easily generate query filters event without any knowledge of the Coveo query syntax.

Filter Expression Editor Basic Mode

It’s no longer possible to use the query filter expression editor to modify folding expand expressions.

January 2019 Release (v1.8.11)

New Feature: Filter Expression Editor

The new filter expression editor helps you create or modify query filters by:

  • Providing you with field completion suggestions as you’re typing.
  • Parsing the query expression to ensure its validity.
  • Displaying a preview of the filtered query results.

Filter Expression Editor Demo

You can access the filter expression editor to create or modify:

  • Tab filter expressions

    Edit Tab Filter Expression

  • Facet additional filters

    Edit Facet Additional Filter

  • Search interface hidden expression

    Edit Search Interface hidden expression

  • Folding expand expression

    Edit Folding expand expression

    Although using the filter expression editor to modify folding expand expressions is possible in this version of the Interface Editor, doing so involves additional layers of complexity and should typically be avoided.

Bug Fix

Issue number Bug fix
IE-535 Fixed issue where removing a component from a result template didn’t trigger a result layout refresh.
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