Coveo for Salesforce new features

Coveo for Salesforce updates are regularly made available to offer new and improved features. This page presents the main new features of the Spring ‘23 Release.

  • Coveo for Salesforce application updates are made available from the AppExchange.

  • You can also review the detailed product release notes for more information.

Coveo for Salesforce - Spring ‘23 release - March 13, 2023

New Hosted Insight Panel

The Coveo Hosted Insight Panel is an end-to-end agent experience solution that lets customer service agents access valuable Coveo-powered content and user insights without leaving the case record they’re viewing or editing.

The Hosted Insight Panel is easy to implement and configure, without the need to write code.

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Coveo Quantic Insight Panel Component Image

Quantic Library Image

Updated Quantic library

View the latest Quantic developer reference documentation for a comprehensive list of the new Coveo Quantic Insight Panel components.

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Packaged Coveo Quantic Insight Panel component

Integrate a Hosted Insight Panel in Salesforce using the new Coveo Quantic Insight Panel component.

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Coveo Quantic Insight Panel Component Image

Insight Panel Page

New “Insight Panel” page in the Administration Console

Create and manage your Hosted Insight Panel configurations with ease using the new Insight Panel page in the Coveo Administration Console.

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New Insight Panel Builder

Build Insight Panels without writing any code! The interfaces built using this intuitive tool can be deployed to popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce.

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Insight Panel Builder Image