Features of 2022

Coveo for Salesforce updates are regularly made available to offer new and improved features. This page presents the main new features of 2022.

Coveo for Salesforce - Spring ‘22 Release - March 23, 2022

Quantic Case Assist Cookbook

The new Quantic Case Assist Cookbook is now available on GitHub!

This pre-built example of a Salesforce Lightning Flow uses the latest Coveo Quantic Case Assist components to predict case classification values and provide document suggestions.

It’s distributed as an example of leading practices for building innovative case creation experiences powered by Coveo Case Assist.

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Case Assist Cookbook

User Actions Panel

User Actions Improvements

The latest User Actions component features improvements to the Session Summary and User Activity Timeline.

The Session Summary now displays the Most Recent Clicked Documents and the Most Recent Queries for a given session.

The User Activity Timeline now displays actions close to the current record’s creation date. It also regroups actions into sessions if the period of inactivity between actions doesn’t surpass 30 minutes.

Lastly, a new Excluded Custom Actions option is now available to exclude actions from the timeline if they don’t provide relevant or valuable data for the agent.

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Case Classification Model Creation Interface Improvements

The Case Classification model creation interface has been improved to include a data validation panel that indicates whether the content selected by the user meets the requirements.

Users can also take advantage of pre-populated dropdown menus to select the index fields they want to target to create their models.

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Case Classification Model Creation Interface

Agent Viewing Stats

Model Performance Stats

Data Set Distribution Stats

Case Classification Model Statistics

Case Classification model statistics are now available from the Information tab of the Case Classification model.

The Model performance section indicates the model’s capacity to predict values for specific index fields.

The Data sets distribution section lists the index fields for which the model learned classifications for.

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Simplified Way of Indexing Chatter Feeds

Indexing the Chatter feeds that are associated with each type of object in your Salesforce organization has never been easier! Simply select the Chatter feed objects you want to index.

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Chatter Feeds Indexing

Related Files Indexing

Indexing related files on the records of any given Salesforce object can now be achieved with a simple click!

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