Features of 2017

Coveo for Salesforce updates are regularly made available to offer new and improved features. This page presents the main new features of 2017.

Coveo for Salesforce: November 18, 2017 Update

New Salesforce Source Customization Options

Two new Salesforce source customization options are now available. When adding or editing a Salesforce source, you can decide to change what’s indexed as the body of your object. You can also decide which field an object should use in your result templates as a clickable title.

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Coveo for Salesforce: September 20, 2017 Update

Apply Conditions to Your Salesforce Source

You can now apply conditions to your Salesforce source so that items are only indexed when they meet specific requirements, allowing you to greatly reduce your index size by preventing unnecessary items from being indexed in the first place.

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Coveo for Salesforce: May 15, 2017 Update

Introducing the Coveo for Salesforce Pro Edition

Coveo introduces the Coveo for Salesforce Pro edition. This edition gives you the advantages of the Coveo index while keeping it simpler and at a lower cost than the Coveo for Salesforce Enterprise edition. [Learn more]


You can now use the Coveo Standalone Searchbox in your community to replace the default Salesforce searchbox. This way, you can get Coveo Machine Learning powered type ahead, and a better integration with the Coveo Search components, making it faster and more relevant than before. [Learn more]


Quickly Know Which Coveo organization You Are Connected To

You can now see which Coveo organization your Salesforce organization is connected to on the Coveo for Salesforce configuration page. Handy when developing with many environments.


Coveo for Salesforce: February 10, 2017 Update

Introducing the Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition

Coveo now introduces Coveo for Salesforce Free edition. This edition allows you to improve your community search experience and benefit from Coveo Machine Learning abilities for free.

You can install the Coveo for Salesforce Free edition by downloading and installing the Coveo application from the Salesforce AppExchange.


Get Started More Easily With Coveo for Salesforce

Creating a new Coveo organization is now easier than before with more intuitive configuration steps that automatically index your Salesforce content. [Learn more]


Improve relevancy in the Case Creation component

You can now select the Reduce long queries by filtering irrelevant terms checkbox when you create a Coveo Machine Learning Automatic Relevance Tuning (ART) model to learn to extract only the relevant words from a long user input such as a description in a support case creation page and use only these relevant words in a query sent to suggest more relevant solutions to the user issue. [Learn more]


Implement the New Thumbnail Result Template Component

Take advantage of the new default result templates featuring the thumbnail component to offer more engaging search results such as email search results with author faces.


Support for Salesforce Spring ‘17 Edition

Coveo for Salesforce now supports Salesforce Spring ‘17, the latest Salesforce update. [Learn more]