Coveo Solutions

Coveo offers a Cloud platform, integrations, frameworks, and APIs allowing you to unlock the value of your information ecosystem by delivering the best information at the right moment using AI-powered search and relevance.

The purpose of this section is to assist you in getting started with Coveo, guiding you to the most appropriate Coveo products and features to use to fulfill your goal.

This section is currently under development. More information will be provided over time.

As shown in the following table, Coveo can help you with a wide variety of applications.

Solutions for your clients and partners Solutions for your employees Integrated products
Content Personalization

Coveo for Commerce

Customer Communities

Customer Self-Service

Dealer Portals

Partner Portals

Website Search
Contact Centers

Employee Portals

Enterprise Search

Intranets & Knowledge Management

Google Search Appliance Replacement
Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Coveo for Salesforce

Coveo for Sitecore

Coveo on Elasticsearch

In-Product Intelligence