Coveo Solutions

Coveo offers a Cloud Platform, integrations, frameworks, and APIs allowing you to unlock the value of your information ecosystem by delivering the best information at the right moment using AI-powered search and relevance.

The purpose of this section is to guide you towards the appropriate documentation for the solutions you want to develop using Coveo.

Commerce & Website

Coveo can index website and commerce data, integrate into any web application and CMS, and use machine learning to understand user behavior and improve conversion. Coveo will automatically create personas and offer the most relevant experience at every touchpoint.

See Coveo for Commerce and Website Search for a step-by-step guide on how to index your website or commerce solution, and create the search and recommendation experience you want.

If you’re using the Sitecore Experience Platform or Salesforce B2B Commerce, we recommend that you use Coveo for Sitecore or Coveo for Salesforce products (see Coveo for Sitecore 5 or Coveo for Salesforce B2B Commerce).

Service & Support

Coveo’s extensive selection of connectors unifies structured and unstructured data to create a repository of knowledge. AI-powered intent detection, query suggestions, and recommendations ensure that even large and complex indexes will always return the most relevant content, personalized for each end-user.

If you’re using Salesforce Service or Experience Cloud, or ServiceNow, we recommend that you use the corresponding Coveo integration (see Coveo for Salesforce or Coveo for ServiceNow).


Coveo unifies knowledge in a secured fashion using a large selection of connectors. Permissions for each indexed data repository are stored to provide users sub-second access to same data, and only the data, they can see in those repositories. The Coveo JavaScript Search Framework offers a large quantity of search components that are approachable for newcomers and highly flexible for power users.

Advanced usage analytics and machine learning will give you an overview of the users’ preferences and provide the most relevant content every time.

Get started with the Coveo Platform Project Guide.

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