Coveo as a Website Search Solution

This section is currently under development. More information will be provided over time.

Coveo Cloud provides end-to-end website search functionalities. To fully benefit from what Coveo has to offer, you should go through the following implementation sequence.

Indexing Your Website Content

First things first. What data would you like to index? Coveo Cloud supports the indexing of a wide array of website content collection options, from crawling a website to drawing its content through a CMS REST API (see Indexing Website Content Instructions).

Integrating a Search Interface into Your Website

The Coveo JavaScript Search Framework allows you to create feature-rich search interfaces. The Coveo JavaScript Framework is essentially a block of HTML and CSS defining a layout to organize a set of components such as a search box, facets, tabs, or result sort options (see Integrating a Search Interface into Your Website).

Enabling Basic Machine Learning

Coveo™ Machine Learning (Coveo ML) is a cloud and analytics-based machine learning service that continually analyzes search behavior patterns to understand which results and content lead to the best outcomes, such as customer self-service success. In addition to intuitively enhancing search results so the best-performing content always rises to the top, Coveo ML automatically delivers the most relevant search results and proactive recommendations with minimal effort.