Coveo Merchandising Hub (CMH)

The Coveo Merchandising Hub (CMH) is a platform designed to help merchandisers manage and report on the performance of the key components of a Coveo for Commerce solution.

Designed with merchandisers in mind, the CMH empowers them to optimize product discovery and enhance the shopping experience in Coveo-powered storefronts.

Main page of the CMH | Coveo

What you can manage with the CMH:

The CMH offers a suite of tools that allow merchandisers to manage product discovery in Coveo-powered storefronts. More specifically, it allows them to manage the following:

  • Search: Exercise direct control over the results returned when queries are executed. The CMH provides a range of tools for ensuring that merchandisers can optimize the search experience for their customers and meet business objectives.

  • Product listings: Allows for intuitive creation and management of Product listing pages (PLPs), giving merchandisers the power to customize and optimize how products are presented on category pages.

  • Product recommendations (Coming soon): Leverage AI-driven product recommendations tailored to your storefront. This feature will allow merchandisers to place optimized recommendations in strategic locations, boosting customer engagement and sales.

Commerce search enables visitors to find products by entering keywords into a search box. Typically, the visitor journey begins with a search query, which is matched against the searchable product inventory, displaying the results on a search results page.

The CMH provides merchandisers with powerful tools to directly control and optimize the search results. This ensures that the search experience aligns with your business objectives and enhances customer satisfaction.

Search discovery experience | Coveo Merchandising Hub

Product listings

PLPs are navigation pages that display collections of products sharing common traits, typically organized by category, brand, or other product attributes.

In digital commerce, PLPs are crucial to the shopping experience, allowing visitors to browse products in a structured manner when they’re not searching for a specific item.

The CMH provides tools to create and manage product listing pages, giving merchandisers the power to customize and optimize how products are presented on these pages.

Listing discovery experience | Coveo Merchandising Hub

Product recommendations

Product recommendations are essential to a modern digital commerce experience, enabling personalized cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

The CMH offers AI-driven product recommendations optimized for display across your storefront. For example, you can show recommendations on product detail pages, in the shopping cart, or during the checkout process.

With the CMH, merchandisers can create recommendation slots to showcase products in various parts of the storefront. They also have the ability to manually control which products appear in these slots, ensuring that recommendations align with business objectives.

Recommendation discovery experience | Coveo Merchandising Hub

What’s next?

To get started with the CMH, a Coveo organization must undergo a specific implementation process. See the CMH implementation guide for more information.