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The Coveo Merchandising Hub (CMH) allows merchandisers to influence the products shown in search results, Product listing pages (PLPs), and recommendation slots.

When logging in to the CMH, merchandisers can access the different tools available to manage the product discovery experience, such as the Search manager and Product listings manager.

The following image shows the main page of the CMH, where you can access the different tools available:

Anatomy of the CMH | Coveo


Manager selector


Tracking ID and locale selectors


Organization picker


App switcher

Manager selector

The manager selector allows merchandisers to switch between the different product discovery managers available in the CMH, which are:

Tracking ID and locale selectors

A Coveo organization can power many storefronts, each with their own set of products, categories, and rules. For example, the product inventory of two different brands can be managed by the same Coveo organization.

A given storefront may also have to offer experiences in different regions and languages, resulting in differences in the product content and pricing currencies.

To take into account these variations, the CMH offers merchandisers the ability to manage the product discovery experience for each distinct combination by using tracking IDs and locales.

  • A tracking ID is a unique identifier that represents a storefront.

  • A locale is a specific combination of language, region, and currency within a tracking ID.

The following diagram illustrates how tracking IDs and locales can be used to manage the different experiences for a given storefront:

Tracking IDs and locales

In this example, the Barca company has two brands, Barca Sports and Barca Parts, each with its own set of products and categories. Both brands are sold in Canada and the United States, which means that each brand has two distinct tracking IDs, one for Canada and one for the United States.

In Canada, both brands offer experiences in English and French, while in the United States, the brand experiences are in English only.

Therefore, each tracking ID has a set of locales that represent the different experiences offered by the brand in a given region.

The Tracking ID and Locale selectors enable merchandisers to tailor their search management activities to specific combinations of storefronts and locales, ensuring that the search experience meets the needs of customers in different storefronts and regions.


This feature is mainly for businesses operating in multi-brand, multilingual, and multi-currency markets, ensuring that the experience is relevant and accessible to a diverse audience.

Organization picker

This picker enables merchandisers to switch between the different Coveo organizations to access the related CMH.


This picker is only available to users with access to multiple Coveo organizations.

App switcher

This picker allows merchandisers to switch between the CMH and the Coveo Administration Console.

The login presented in the CMH is shared with the Coveo Administration Console, meaning that logging in one will automatically log the user in the other, as long as the merchandiser permissions are enabled.

To navigate from the Coveo Administration Console to the CMH, in the upper left navigation bar, click the drop down and select Merchandising Hub.

Admin console to CMH app switcher

To switch back to the Coveo Administration Console from the CMH, in the lower left navigation bar, select Administration console.

CMH to Admin console app switcher