Coveo for Commerce boosts marketplace performance with relevant search and personalized buying experiences. We use data from every user interaction to fuel Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) and display products they’re likely to buy based on site behavior, their profile, similar user habits, frequently added to cart items, and more.


Coveo for Commerce aims to delight shoppers with the intuitive search experience they expect. We help them find the most relevant products faster. We also strive to personalize the experience in real time with just a few clicks, so that they discover products, content, or recommendations tailored just for them.


Coveo for Commerce removes friction from your buyer’s search experience whether they’re looking to browse your commerce catalog, quickly find a replacement part, or learn more about your products through rich content and videos. We can automatically recommend products based on past purchases and propensity to buy again.

Furthermore, we let your search solution seamlessly manage entitlement pricing for each buying group at query time.


  • Search: We make searching for products easier with predictive, typo-tolerant search suggestions and AI-powered relevance ranking.

  • Product Listing Page (PLP): We provide users with the ability to refine their browsing with dynamic faceting, such as brand, size, price, and more.

  • Product Recommendation (PR): We tailor the experience and maximize cart value, even for first-time users, with machine learning that recommends products based on in-session behavior and current context.


  • Providing recommendations increases items added to cart and average order value.

  • You can monitor success with commerce dashboards that measure how search impacts global goals, such as conversion, average order value, and revenues.

  • Putting an emphasis on relevance always translates to measurable increases in revenue.

Coveo for Commerce implementation skill path

The Implementing Coveo for Commerce Search skill path on Level Up covers the best practices when implementing Coveo for Commerce search features. It’s a great resource to learn the basics in a streamlined fashion before jumping in more specific topics.