Coveo Platform Overview

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The Coveo Platform is a fully scalable native enterprise-class cloud service that can meet your requirements for intelligent search. Coveo Cloud embraces the concepts of micro-services and scalability, allowing you to easily expand your search solutions at the speed of your business.

Coveo Cloud enables organizations to:

  • Easily and securely unify data from various cloud and on-premises content repositories across the IT ecosystem.

  • Create ubiquitous search experiences wherever people work.

  • Recommend the most relevant insights from everywhere directly into the context of customers and employees.

The following flowchart illustrates how your Coveo organization receives, analyzes, and returns information.

Coveo Cloud V2 Flowchart

  1. When you integrate Coveo to your instance of Salesforce, Sitecore, ServiceNow, or Microsoft Dynamics 365, Coveo retrieves its content and stores it in your Coveo organization index (see Locating and Indexing Content).

  2. Similarly, when you make content from other sources searchable, it’s also retrieved and stored in your unified index. If your content is secured in its original repository, Coveo Cloud also retrieves the corresponding permissions, i.e., who is allowed or forbidden to see each item (see Coveo Cloud Management of Security Identities and Item Permissions).

  3. Whenever a query is made in your search hub, i.e, in one of your search interface, it’s sent to your Coveo Cloud index, which returns matching items to display in the interface.

  4. As end users use your search interfaces, Coveo Cloud gathers usage analytics data on their interactions with your search interface, such as their query, how they filter their search results, the items they click, etc. (see Usage Analytics Concepts).

  5. Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) analyzes this data and learns from user behavior (see Coveo Machine Learning).

  6. Coveo ML provides your search hub with means to improve the end-users’ search experience based on the usage analytics data. It enables search interfaces to suggest queries, recommend items, and display items that users are likely to find the most useful at the top of the search results (see Leverage Machine Learning). Your Coveo organization therefore evolves as your end users interact with your search interfaces, therefore providing them with a better, more efficient search experience.

Coveo Cloud V2 exclusive features:

The Coveo Administration Console comes with contextual help that you can access the following ways:

  • Clicking the help icon next to a page title.

  • In the header, click the help menu, and then click Documentation.

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