Coveo Cloud API Overview

The Coveo Platform is a native cloud SaaS/PaaS solution that provides a unified and secure way to query content across many enterprise systems. The platform relies on usage analytics data to yield Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML)-powered recommendations. The Coveo Platform embraces the concepts of micro-services and scalability, allowing users to expand their search solution as their business grows.

As such, the Coveo Platform exposes REST APIs which you can use to achieve anything you could do from the Coveo Administration Console or from a Coveo JavaScript Search Framework search interface.

The Search, Usage Analytics Write, and Usage Analytics Read APIs work with both Coveo Cloud V1 and V2 organizations. However, aside from those three services, the Coveo V1 platform doesn’t publicly expose any API endpoints.

The following diagram provides a visual overview of the main interactions between the REST API services and a Coveo organization.

API overview

You may want to use the Official Coveo Cloud APIs JavaScript Client to query Coveo Cloud APIs.

Coveo Cloud REST APIs

API name Usage Reference documentation Guide
Activity Access the activity information of a Coveo organization.
Authorization Server
  • Manage SAML security identity providers for a Coveo organization.
  • Manage groups, members, and API keys in a Coveo organization.
Catalog Manage catalogs in a Coveo organization. N/A
Extension Manage and test pre and post conversion indexing pipeline extensions.
Field Manage fields in an index.
Index Access the permission models of indexed items.
Machine Learning Manage Coveo ML models in an organization.
Notification Manage and test activity notification subscriptions for a Coveo organization.
  • Create, update, or delete a Coveo organization.
  • Access a Coveo organization status, login activity, license, and limit information.
  • Access Crawling module, worker, and database versions.
Push Push items and their respective permission models to a Push source, and push security identities to a security identity provider (as opposed to pulling content into a "standard" source using Coveo Cloud crawlers).
Schema Manage Coveo for Salesforce schemas. N/A
Search Pages Manage hosted search pages in a Coveo organization. N/A
Search Usage Metrics Review search consumption data. N/A
Security Cache
  • Manage non-SAML security identity providers for a Coveo organization.
  • Manage security cache refresh schedules.
Source Manage sources and their related field mappings and pre- and post- conversion Coveo Cloud indexing pipeline extensions.
Source Logs Access the Coveo Cloud indexing pipeline logs of a source.
Usage Analytics Read Access usage analytics data (statistics, reports, dimensions, metrics, etc.).
Usage Analytics Write Record Coveo Usage Analytics (Coveo UA) events (click, search, view, or custom events).

Generated Swagger UI Documentation Site

You can visualize the API reference documentation and test API calls using the generated Swagger UI Coveo Cloud API reference documentation site (see Coveo Platform API).

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