Analyze Usage Data

What do you want to do with your Coveo Usage Analytics data? For more information on Coveo UA, you can consult the Coveo Usage Analytics FAQ.

Monitor search activities within your Coveo-powered search interfaces.

Review the recorded usage analytics events contained in relevant user visits.

Download CSV files which can conveniently be imported using a third-party tool such as Microsoft Excel™.

Manage dimensions which are used to display data within usage analytics graphs and tables.

Create sets of predefined filters to include in your usage analytics reports, exports, or the Visit Browser.

Create permission filters to limit the usage analytics data accessible to certain users.

Review the incoherent usage analytics events that have been discarded by the Coveo UA service.

Use the Coveo Usage Analytics Read API to show content available in the Coveo Administration Console in your external application.

Use the Administration Console to identify and make content management improvements.

Use the Usage Analytics Write API to properly log different types of events from your custom search interfaces.