Usage Analytics Limits

This article lists the usage analytics limits inside Coveo that either come from the platform itself or your license. Contact Coveo when you want to extend your license limits.

Dimensions and the Maximum Length of Their Logged Values

Each dimension (custom and default) has its own column in the database. Each column can only contain values of a certain type and a certain length depending on the dimension. The following table displays the column name and the DB data type as well as the limit of characters the column can contain when applicable (see Data types and SQL General Data Types ).

Column name DB data type (Limit of characters)
account_id varchar(128)
advanced_query_expression varchar(2048)
batch_id char(36)
cause varchar(64)
cause2 varchar(64)
client_id UUID(128)
custom_datas varchar(32500)
[Custom dimension (Boolean) name] boolean
[Custom dimension (datetime) name] timestamp
[Custom dimension (number) name] float8
[Custom dimension (text) name] varchar(256)
datetime timestamp
device_category varchar(128)
document_author varchar(128)
document_category varchar(128)
document_title varchar(128)
event_outcome integer
is_anonymous boolean
is_contextual boolean
is_internal boolean
number_of_results integer
operating_system varchar(128)
operating_system_with_version varchar(128)
origin_device varchar(256)
origin_city varchar(256)
origin_context varchar(128)
origin_country varchar(256)
origin_is_mobile boolean
origin_language varchar(256)
origin_level_1 varchar(128)
origin_level_2 varchar(128)
origin_levelv3 varchar(128)
origin_region varchar(256)
query_expression varchar(500)
query_pipeline varchar(128)
response_time_ms integer
search_id char(36)
split_test_run_name varchar(128)
split_test_run_version varchar(128)
unique_user_id varchar(128)
user_agent varchar(1024)
user_id varchar(128)
user_ip varchar(50)
user_name varchar(128)
visit_id char(36)
visitor_id varchar(128)
web_browser varchar(128)
web_browser_with_version varchar(128)
with_clicks boolean
with_results boolean

Other Limits

The following additional limit also applies:

Limit Value
Maximum amount of time for queries to execute on a report

Two minutes

For information on how to improve report loading time, see Usage Analytics Reporting Leading Practices

Maximum amount of rows on a data export

Ten million

For information on how to manage exports, see Manage Data Exports