Review data health

The term data health refers to the status of your organization data and determines its level of integrity and how accurately it provides reliable analytics. On the Data Health page of the Coveo Administration Console, administrators with the required privileges can access the data health dashboards.

These dashboards provide valuable insight on your data health score, which is impacted by the performance of each event type. Specifically, they errors detected based on data validation criteria applied to specific requirements. You can use these dashboards to identify inconsistencies by analyzing how each event impacts your overall data health.

The Data Health page comprises two dashboards: the Overview dashboard and the Event browser dashboard.

Overview dashboard

The Overview dashboard is organized into the following sections:


If you have multiple websites, you can use the Website drop-down menu to select the appropriate one.

Validation criteria overview section

The Validation criteria overview section provides two different views that are accessible with the Group by drop-down menu. You can select either the Event type view, which sorts the data by event type, or the Validation criteria view, which sorts it by the validation criteria. Both views display the same columns, as listed in the table below.

Column Description

Event type

Provides the event category.

Validation criteria

Provides the validation criteria.

Total events

Provides the total number of times that the event occurred.

Failed events

Provides the total number of times that the event has failed.


Provides the validation criteria’s severity level.


Provides a color-coded message that indicates the status of the failure (Pass, Warning, or Fail).

Leading practice

On either view, you can leverage the information retrieved from the dashboard by doing the following:

  1. Click a validation criteria marked as Fail in the Status column.

  2. In the Validation Error:attribution_failed section that opens, inspect the Cause and Solution columns for the event type that failed.

  3. In the Failed Events section that opens, inspect the Event Info and Validation Fields for each failed event to assess why it didn’t pass.

  4. Click Review entire session next to a failed event to access the Visit Browser and view the event’s entire session.

Data health score section

The Data health score section provides the calculated score between 0 and 100, with 100 being the perfect score, and 0 indicating a need for significant improvement. The score is impacted in part by the number of failed events, and the severity of the failures. Failed events with a high severity (i.e., Critical) have a greater impact on the health score than ones with a lower severity (i.e., Low).

Total events section

The Total events section in the dashboard enables you to view the total number of events with and without errors.

Event browser

In the Event browser dashboard, you can view a summary of the last 1000 events sent to Coveo. The dashboard focuses on events that occurred for specific visit IDs and client IDs.

You can further filter the dashboard by organization, website, client ID, visit ID, and timeframe. These filters are useful when you want to focus on specific validation criteria affecting your data health. For more information, see Validation Criteria Reference.

Leading practice

You can retrieve the full event payload by hovering your cursor across or clicking the Payload column.


Required privileges

Privileges required to view the Data Health page:

Action Service - Domain Required access level

View data health

Analytics - Analytics data

Analytics - Reports

Analytics - Tableau reports

Analytics - Data health

Organization - Organization