Event browser

The Event browser enables you to easily monitor the performance and health of your data by tracking the latest events sent to the database. It’s especially useful for when you want to focus on specific validation criteria affecting your data health.

The Event browser only shows syntactic validation errors, meaning it looks for missing or incorrectly formatted information inside individual events. It won’t be able to detect errors associated to whole sessions or inconsistencies between events. For example, it won’t be possible to see if a click event is associated to a search event that doesn’t exist.

Event browser features

On the Data Health (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page, select the Event browser tab.

Event browser

Click on any event listed in the browser.

You can:

1 Use the date picker to narrow down the events by period.

2 Filter events by selecting the check boxes under Status, Event type, Search hub, and Event source.

3 Filter events by client ID or visit ID by clicking the filter icon next to the desired ID.

4 Remove an ID filter by clicking the X icon.

5 Expand an event that’s marked as Invalid for more details by clicking the arrow.

6 Assess the error code and reason for the invalid event.

7 Open the Visit Browser page containing that specific event by clicking Show in visit browser.

8 View the complete event content on a new dialog by clicking Show event content.

Required privileges

Privileges required to view the Event browser dashboard:

Action Service - Domain Required access level

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