Leverage machine learning

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For more information on Coveo ML, see the FAQ.

Use Query Suggestions (QS) to provide users with popular queries and meaningful search content by autocompleting user queries with relevant suggestions.

Use Automatic Relevance Tuning (ART) to boost the best-performing content to the top of the page, saving users time in addition to delivering consistent and relevant search results.

Use Content Recommendations (CR) to improve user experience by displaying additional content based on the user’s journey, fostering user engagement and content discovery.

Use Dynamic Navigation Experience (DNE) to ensure an intuitive search experience by providing users with adaptive and intelligent query filtering options to display the best results.

Use Case Classification (CC) to provide accurate classification suggestions on support cases that are being filled, reducing case resolution time and effort.

Use Smart Snippets to let users quickly find answers to their questions - displayed directly on their results page.

Use Product Recommendations (PR) to enhance your customers' shopping experience by recommending products based on their profile, contexts, and behaviors.

Compare your Coveo ML models to evaluate their effectiveness.

Use Relevance Generative Answering (RGA) to generate answers to natural language queries and display the answers in the results page.

Use Semantic Encoder (SE) to retrieve items from your index based on semantic similarity with the query.