Event Recommendations (ER)

event recommendations diagram

The Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) Event Recommendations (ER) feature learns from your website user page and search navigation history to return the most likely relevant content for each user in their current session. The results that are returned by the Coveo ML ER service can be included in a search page or in any other web page, such as in a side panel window.

The recommendations can be interpreted as "People who viewed this page also viewed the following pages".


Your company offers technical product documentation and Q&A content on several public websites for customer end users, administrators, and developers. These websites are configured to send all view events to Coveo Usage Analytics (Coveo UA). Your website pages include Recommended Articles side panel windows.

The recommendation algorithm is based on the co-occurrence of events such as view events within a user visit. When two events co-occur with unusual frequency within sessions, the algorithm learns that they’re linked. When one event is seen, the model recommends the other.

Members with the required privileges can create, manage, and deploy ER models.

ER model suggestions are provided based only on the user language, since view events aren’t logged from a search hub.

Recommended Articles