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The Models page allows you to quickly review the Coveo Machine Learning models of your Coveo Cloud organization (see Coveo Machine Learning Models).

Access the “Models” Page

  1. If not already done, log in to your Coveo Cloud organization with a user that is a member of a group with the required privileges to manage machine learning models (see Required Privileges).

  2. In the main menu on the left, under Machine Learning, select Models.

Review Model Details

On the Models page, on each row, you can review the following model information (see Access the Models Page):

  • Status

    Active or Inactive

  • Type and current output:

    • Automatic relevance tuning and the number of unique Queries for which the model can recommend items

    • Query suggestions and the number of unique queries (Candidates) that the model can suggest

    • Event recommendations and the number of unique events (Recommendations) that the model can recommend

  • Refresh schedule

    The time or date of the last update and next planned update.

Delete a Model

  1. On the Models page, click the row of the machine learning model you want to remove (see Access the Models Page).

  2. In the Action bar, click Delete.

  3. In the confirmation prompt that appears, click Confirm.

Sort Models by Type

On the Models page, in the right section of the Action bar, click the Model type drop-down menu, and then select one of the following values: All, Automatic relevance tuning, Query suggestions, or Event recommendations (see Access the Models Page).

Search Models

On the Models page, in the right section of the Action bar, type keywords in the Filter box. You can filter models by name, type, or status (see Access the Models Page).

On the Models page, at the bottom-right of the table, click the left and right arrow icons, or a page number to navigate through pages (see Access the Models Page).

Set the Number of Models per Page

In the Models page, at the bottom-left of the page, select 10 or 100 (see Access the Models Page).

By default, the table shows 10 models per page.

Required Privileges

The following table indicates the privileges required to view and edit elements of the Models page and associated panels (see Privileges).

Action Service - Privilege Required access level
View Machine Learning models

Machine Learning - Models

Organization - Organization

Edit query pipelines

Organization - Organization


Machine Learning - Models