Edit the Number of Events Required to Build a Model

Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) models learn from usage analytics data. If fewer than 100 usage analytics events are available for your model, it’s empty and can’t yet provide recommendations. Once the threshold of 100 events is met, your model starts to learn and improve. Members of the Administrators and Relevance Analysts built-in groups can change this threshold, if needed.

  • You create a model when very few events have been gathered. You want your model to start providing recommendations only when there’s enough data to learn from and make good recommendations for the most frequent queries. You therefore set the threshold to a higher value.

  • In a non-production organization (sandbox), you create a model for testing purposes. Since you don’t want to generate a hundred of events and want the model to provide recommendations immediately, you set the threshold to 0.

To edit the number of events required to build a model

  1. Ensure that you log in to the Coveo Platform as a member of a group with the required privileges in the target Coveo organization.

  2. On the Models page:

    1. Click the desired model.

    2. In the Action bar, click More, and select Edit JSON.

  3. In the Edit a Model JSON Configuration panel:

    1. Add the following between the commandLineParameters parameter square brackets ([]), and then replace 100 with the desired threshold.

       "--conf", "coveo.drill.minEventsForModelBuilding=100"
    2. Click Save.

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