About Query Suggestions (QS)

Reveal-QuerySuggestionsEx3 Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) Query Suggestions (QS) models recommend relevant queries to users as they type in the search box.

Coveo ML QS models:

  • Identify exact, partial, or fuzzy matches with typed characters anywhere in any individual keyword appearing in any order.

  • stem query suggestion keywords to remove duplicates.

  • Offer the most relevant recommendations by ranking query suggestions by considering the following:

    • The number of times the query was performed.

    • The degree to which the query suggestion matches the typed characters.

    • The query performance based on the Relevance Index and Click-Through usage analytics metrics.

  • Only consider queries that were followed by clicked search results a specific number of times (see Reviewing Coveo Machine Learning Query Suggestion candidates). This prevents infrequent queries from polluting the suggestions.

Members with the required privileges can configure and activate Coveo ML QS in a few clicks. Developers can leverage QS in the desired search interface using the JavaScript Framework, the Headless library, or with Atomic.