Customer Service API

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What’s the Coveo Customer Service API?

The Customer Service API exposes endpoints which allow you to retrieve document and classification suggestions while a support case is being created.


A client is creating a support case with the title GC110 malfunction and the description My GC110 electrical panel is cutting off intermittently. You have previously created a document suggestions configuration to request suggestions for the type of issues that your end users create.

You make the following request to the Customer Service API:

Authorization: Bearer ********-****-****-************


  "visitorId": "04850f2-ee0d-47a9-aff5-39ee47f294f9",
  "fields": {
    "subject": { "value": "GC110 malfunction" },
    "description": { "value": "My GC110 electrical panel is cutting off intermittently" }

The API returns the following payload:

  "documents": [
      "title": "GC110 Series Electrical Panel Troubleshooting",
      "uniqueId": "84.72597$",
      "hasHtmlVersion": true,
      "clickUri": "",
      "excerpt": "The GC110 series electrical panel needs to be reset using the following process if it begins to turn on and off without warnin...",
      "fields": {
        "syssfcreatedbyid": "0056g001172vCuBMAU",
        "sfsystemmodstamp": 1578952955001,
  "responseId": "2394cnd8-8dnc-3nc9-k432-9dn2nd8f93nd",
  "totalCount": 1

You then suggest that solution item to the client before they even finish creating their case, resulting in case deflection!

When Should I Use the Coveo Customer Service API?

The Coveo for ServiceNow Case Deflection panel and Coveo for Salesforce Case Deflection component provide features that overlap with the Service API. These built-in case deflection widgets are difficult to customize, so you should use the Service API whenever they don’t meet your needs out of the box and would require customization.

You should manage your document and classification suggestion configurations though the Coveo Administration Console, and use the API directly only to retrieve document and case classification suggestions.

If you’re working in the Salesforce environment, use the dedicated Coveo Quantic Case Assist components, as they will handle most of the complexity for you.

Outside of the Salesforce environment, we recommend using the dedicated Coveo Headless Case Assist controllers, which wrap Customer Service API calls and also handle logging usage analytics events for you.

Where Should I Start?

To learn how to configure case classifications and document suggestions, see Manage Case Assist Configurations.

To learn how to retrieve case classifications and document suggestions, see the Usage page.

You may also want to check out the interactive reference documentation available through Swagger UI.