Features of 2021

Coveo for Salesforce updates are regularly made available to offer new and improved features. This page presents the main new features of 2021.

Coveo Quantic Library v1.0.0 Release for Developers - November 11, 2021

Quantic Library

Designed for Salesforce customers who need powerful search capabilities, the Coveo Quantic Library is a library of Lightning Web Components (LWC) built with the Coveo Headless Framework. It lets you build a Coveo-powered search page in a Salesforce Lightning environment (Community or Console). Coveo Quantic leverages the latest and most performant search technology available, offers more flexibility, and provides a developer-friendly implementation experience.

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Getting Started

What’s Coveo Quantic?, When Should I Use Quantic?, and Where do I Start?, check out our Getting Started documentation to learn the basics about the Coveo Quantic Library!

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Reference Documentation

Start coding today! View our latest developer reference documentation for a comprehensive list of the Quantic LWC components you can use to build powerful and responsive Coveo for Salesforce search interfaces.

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Coveo for Salesforce - Spring ‘21 Release - March 25, 2021


Case Assist Previews

Coveo Case Assist features brand new previews for your Document Suggestion and Case Classification configurations!

Use these previews to dynamically test and see how your configurations respond to different user input values.

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Case Assist Cookbook

The Coveo Case Assist Cookbook is now available on GitHub!

This pre-built example of a Salesforce Lightning Flow uses the Coveo Customer Service API capabilities to predict case classification values and provide document suggestions.

It’s distributed as an example of best practices for building case creation experiences powered by Coveo Case Assist.

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Usage Analytics Library

Coveo for Salesforce now leverages the power of the coveo.analytic.js script to log Case Assist events to the Coveo Usage Analytics (Coveo UA) service.

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