What's Coveo for Salesforce?

Coveo for Salesforce brings the power of Coveo to your Salesforce environment through AI-powered search.

In Salesforce, build Coveo-powered search interfaces using Coveo components to display the most relevant results to your users.

Use Coveo components to easily create Hosted Search Pages, Insight Panels (see Integrating a Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component or Integrating a Coveo Insight Panel Classic Component), and Case Creation Pages using the Interface Editor.

Depending on your Coveo for Salesforce edition, the Coveo for Salesforce package might come with a Coveo index, hosted in your Coveo Cloud organization, which maintains a unified index of items from various sources such as Salesforce organizations, Confluence, and Google Drive, among others (see Available Connectors).

For more information on the different Coveo for Salesforce editions, see Coveo for Salesforce Edition Comparison .

As stated by Salesforce in Introducing The Lightning Locker For Lightning Components:

β€œIn Summer ’17, Lightning Locker will be auto-activated for all orgs with no option to disable.”

This means that Lightning Locker is automatically enabled for the components using an API version 40 or up.

Since the May 2018 Release of Coveo for Salesforce V3.10, Lightning Locker is officially supported. The Lightning and community components listed below are now working with Lightning Locker out-of-the-box.

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