Add or Edit a Confluence Cloud Source

When you have the required privileges, you can add the content of a Confluence Cloud instance to your Coveo Cloud organization. The source can be shared or private (see Source Permission Types).

Because you cannot install plugins in Confluence Cloud, Coveo cannot include permissions for this content and cannot perform source refreshes.

By default, a Confluence Cloud source starts a rescan every hour to retrieve Confluence Cloud item changes (addition, modification, or deletion).

  • If you change the name of a space in Confluence Cloud, the rescan detects the change only for pages created or modified following the change. You must thus rebuild the source to get the space name change on all space pages (see Refresh, Rescan or Rebuild Sources).

  • For clients migrating from Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0 (CES 7), the following source has the same specifications as the Confluence V2 connector (see Atlassian Confluence V2 Connector).

  • You can get the CONFLUENCE_UNREACHABLE_SERVER error message when your Confluence Cloud source rebuilds or is scheduled to perform a rescan during the Atlassian Cloud (1 AM to 3 AM daily) maintenance window during which Atlassian may block access to the API while performing maintenance tasks (see Maintenance windows).

    If possible, schedule rescans to start and complete outside of the daily maintenance window (see Edit a Source Schedule). If not possible, simply ignore the errors. The next scheduled rescan outside the maintenance window shall complete normally.