Add or edit a YouTube source

Members with the required privileges can add public YouTube company or user channel content to a Coveo organization.


To index private channel content, use the REST API source to authorize requests to the YouTube Data API.

In a Coveo-powered search interface, the source content is accessible to either everyone or some specific users and groups only (see Content Security).

Source key characteristics

Features Supported Additional information

YouTube version

Data API (v3)

Indexable content

Content update operations



Takes place every day by default. A rescan or rebuild is required to take account of:

  • Deleted videos

  • Changes on videos

  • Statistics (e.g., view counts and likes) updates

  • Playlist and playlist item updates



We recommend that you program automatic rescan operations to take place at least once a day.



Content security options

Same users and groups as in your content system


Specific users and groups




Add or edit a YouTube source

When adding a source, select the YouTube option.

To edit a source, on the Sources (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page, click the desired source, and then click Edit in the Action bar.

Leading practice

It’s best to create or edit your source in your sandbox organization first. Once you’ve confirmed that it indexes the desired content, you can copy your source configuration to your production organization, either with a snapshot or manually.

See About non-production organizations for more information and best practices regarding sandbox organizations.

"Configuration" tab

In the Add/Edit a YouTube Source panel, the Configuration tab is selected by default. It contains your source’s general and authentication information, as well as other parameters.

General information

Source name

Enter a name for your source.

Leading practice

A source name can’t be modified once it’s saved, therefore be sure to use a short and descriptive name, using letters, numbers, hyphens (-), and underscores (_). Avoid spaces and other special characters.

User, channel, or playlist URL

The website address of one or more YouTube user or company channels, or playlists. Only URLs with the following formats are supported:




Custom channel URLs (i.e.,<NAME> and<NAME> URLs) aren’t supported.

Getting the <CHANNEL_ID> from the custom channel page

To get the <CHANNEL_ID> for the supported channel URL format, when viewing the YouTube custom channel page, select the About tab, and then click Share > Copy channel ID.

Getting the channel ID | Coveo
Include playlists

Select the checkbox when you want YouTube channel playlists and playlist items to be included.


This option isn’t used when you specify a playlist URL under User, channel, or playlist URL.

"Content security" tab

Select who will be able to access the source items through a Coveo-powered search interface. For details on this parameter, see Content security.

"Access" tab

In the Access tab, set whether each group (and API key, if applicable) in your Coveo organization can view or edit the current source.

For example, when creating a new source, you could decide that members of Group A can edit its configuration while Group B can only view it.

See Custom access level for more information.


  1. Finish adding or editing your source:

    • When you want to save your source configuration changes without starting a build/rebuild, such as when you know you want to do other changes soon, click Add source/Save.


      On the Sources (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page, you must click Launch build or Start required rebuild in the source Status column to add the source content or to make your changes effective, respectively.

    • When you’re done editing the source and want to make changes effective, click Add and build source/Save and rebuild source.

      Back on the Sources (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page, you can follow the progress of your source addition or modification.

      Once the source is built or rebuilt, you can review its content in the Content Browser.

  2. Optionally, consider editing or adding mappings once your source is done building or rebuilding.

Required privileges

You can assign privileges to allow access to specific tools in the Coveo Administration Console. The following table indicates the privileges required to view or edit elements of the Sources (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page and associated panels. See Manage privileges and Privilege reference for more information.


The Edit all privilege isn’t required to create sources. When granting privileges for the Sources domain, you can grant a group or API key the View all or Custom access level, instead of Edit all, and then select the Can Create checkbox to allow users to create sources. See Can Create ability dependence for more information.

Actions Service Domain Required access level

View sources, view source update schedules, and subscribe to source notifications







Edit sources, edit source update schedules, and view the View Metadata page






Source metadata




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