Schedule a Source Update

There are three update operations that you can use to keep your source content up to date. When you have the required privileges, you can schedule refreshes and rescans. Schedules let you choose a frequency and a time at which Coveo automatically launches the desired update operation for a source. Rebuilds, on the other hand, can only be launched manually.

Refresh and rescan operations ensure that the content displayed in the search results of your Coveo-powered search interface closely matches your original repository content. For a great user experience, changes in your repository must be searchable and displayed in your search interface shortly after they’ve been saved.

Leading Practices

  • Aim for an update schedule that keeps the indexed content up to date with your repository while minimizing the impact on server resources. An ideal update schedule is coherent with the rate at which your source content changes and avoids unnecessary connections between Coveo and the server hosting your content.

  • If your source indexes content from a repository with API call restrictions (e.g., a cloud repository), schedule sources updates that optimally consume the available API calls.

  • Schedule update operations during off-peak hours to minimize performance impact on users.

  • Turn off source update schedules for unused or test sources, or sources with permanently static content.

  • Select a refresh frequency that reflects the rate at which items are added, modified, and deleted in the source. In other words, sources whose content changes often should be refreshed every day or hour. If your content doesn’t change frequently, increase the refresh time interval to optimize resource consumption.

    • For a Jira Software Cloud source where multiple issues, comments, and attachments are added every hour, schedule a refresh every 15 mins to make these changes searchable as soon as possible.

    • For a relatively stable Web source where only a few pages are added, modified, or deleted each week, schedule a daily refresh during off-peak hours.

  • Schedule a rescan as a safeguard, i.e., to index any change that hasn’t been caught by refresh operations due to limitations. Typically, a weekly rescan is sufficient.

  • In sources where the refresh feature isn’t available or is limited, schedule a rescan once or a few times a day, depending on the content rate of change.

Schedule a Source Update

  1. On the Sources (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page, click the desired source, and then click More > Manage Schedules in the Action bar.

  2. In the Schedule a Source Update panel, enable the desired update operations schedules.

  3. For each enabled update schedule, enter the desired frequency.

  4. Click Update Schedule.

Required Privileges

Action Service - Domain Required access level
View sources, view source update schedules, and subscribe to source notifications

Content - Fields

Content - Sources

Organization - Organization

Edit sources, edit source update schedules, view the View Metadata page, and subscribe to source notifications Organization - Organization View

Content - Fields

Content - Sources