Edit Source Extensions

An extension is an optional indexing pipeline pre-conversion or post-conversion stage consisting of a Python script that you can apply to one or more sources to customize the way source items are included in your organization (see Indexing Pipeline Extension Overview).

When you have the required privileges, you can add or modify existing indexing pipeline extensions to your organization (see Adding and Managing Extensions and Required Privileges). You can then apply an extension to a source using this Edit Source Extensions panel (see Applying an Extension to a Source).

You must have the privilege to edit extensions (i.e., the Edit access level on the Extensions domain) to copy an extension script (see Extensions Domain).

An extension can be Common, applying to all item types of a source, or Specific, applying only to specified item types, in which case you must first define the item types available in your source (see Source Item Types).

You have a YouTube source that includes videos and playlists. If your indexing pipeline extension applies to both video and playlist items, it is a common extension. However, if it applies to playlists only, it is a specific extension.