Content Retrieval Methods

In Coveo Cloud, some connectors can retrieve content using different methods, depending on where the data is located and how customers want Coveo to retrieve it. There can therefore be several connectors for the same content type. As a result, in the Add a Source of Searchable Content panel, when you select a source with more than one connector, a drop-down menu appears and displays each connector identified with a tag (see Add a New Source):

  • A source based on a connector with the Cloud tag retrieves content from a cloud-based service.

  • A source based on a connector with the On-Premises tag retrieves content from an on-premises server.

  • A source based on a connector with the Crawling Module tag relies on the Crawling Module to push content from an on-premises server to the index of a Coveo organization (see Coveo On-Premises Crawling Module).

Jira Software source tags

Therefore, if you want to retrieve content with a certain method, your license must allow sources using this method to retrieve the desired content, regardless of whether it also allows you to retrieve similar content with a different retrieval method. If the desired connector tag is grayed and tagged Unavailable, your license doesn’t include it. You must then contact Coveo to upgrade your license.

Jira Software unavailable source tag

You index Jira Software cloud content. Your Coveo Cloud license therefore allows you to create Jira Software Cloud sources. However, you also want to make Jira Software on-premises content searchable. You must therefore contact Coveo to upgrade your license so that you can create Jira Software On-Premises sources.

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