Edit a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Source

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sources are created in your Coveo Cloud organization and managed by Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (see What Is Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365? and Installing Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365). A Microsoft Dynamics 365 source supports the Microsoft Dynamics 365 security scheme so that in the search results, users can only see the items they have access to in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (see Coveo, Dynamics, and Security).

In the Coveo Cloud administration console, administrators and content managers can view the Microsoft Dynamics 365 source edition panel where they can modify the mappings (see Administration Console).

Source Features Summary

Features Supported Additional information
Microsoft Dynamics 365 version

8.0 +

See Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 Updates.
Searchable content types

All available systems entities and custom ones, notes, and files attached to records of included entity types, and KB articles (body, comments, attachments).

Content update Refresh

Auditing must be enabled to retrieve deleted items. [more]

Content security options Secured

Edit a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Source

  1. If not already in the Edit a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Source panel, go to the panel (in the main menu, under Content, select Sources > Microsoft Dynamics 365 source row > Edit in the Action bar).

    In the Configuration tab, no actions are available. You must manage your Microsoft Dynamics 365 source from the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 configuration interface (see About the Configuration Interface and Add/Edit a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Source Panel).

  2. Optionally, consider editing or adding mappings (see Adding and Managing Source Mappings).

    You can only manage mapping rules once you build the source (see Refresh, Rescan, or Rebuild Sources).

  3. Click Save and Rebuild when you want to save your source configuration.

    Rebuilding is required to take into account changes made to the field mapping rules. If you do not rebuild, changes will only apply to new or modified items.

What’s Next?

Review the default update schedule in which a source refresh starts every 15 minutes (see Edit a Source Schedule).