Add or Edit a Jive Cloud Source

Members of the Administrators and Content Managers built-in groups can add the content of a Jive Cloud community to a Coveo Cloud organization. The source can be shared or private (see Content Security).

Since plugins cannot be installed in Jive Cloud, Coveo Cloud cannot index permissions for this content. By default, a Jive Cloud source starts a refresh every hour to index Jive file changes (additions, modifications, or deletions).

  • Since the refreshes do not take into account recently deleted Jive items (among other things), a source rescan or rebuild is required to capture all source content changes (see Edit a Source Schedule).

  • While most of the parameters can be configured through the Add/Edit a Jive Cloud Source panel, other parameters, such as rarely used parameters or new parameters that are not yet editable through the user interface, can only be changed or added in the JSON configuration (see Edit a Source JSON Configuration, Add a Hidden Source Parameter, and Jive Source JSON Modification).

    If you have issues with file download requests timing out too early for larger files, you may want to add a RequestTimeout hidden parameter in the source JSON.

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