What’s new in v3?

This page describes the new features available in Coveo for Salesforce v3.

Aspect Coveo for Salesforce v3 Coveo for Salesforce v2

Initial release

May 2018

June 2015


General Availability



New features, enhancements, and bug fixes

Critical bug fixes

On request only

Bundled framework

Coveo JavaScript Search Framework V2

Coveo JavaScript Search Framework V1

Package name

Coveo for Salesforce

Coveo for Salesforce v2


CoveoV2 (the same namespace was kept so as not to break existing custom components and make upgrading easier)


Upgrading from v2 to v3

To know what to look out for when upgrading, see Upgrading from v2 to v3.

Coveo JavaScript Search Framework V2

Coveo for Salesforce v3 comes with the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework V2, which includes the new features listed in this section.

Lazy Loading


This feature isn’t yet available in Coveo for Salesforce v3.

Lazy loading allows you to only load the JavaScript code for the components that are actually on your search page, instead of eagerly loading all of the code in case the component exists. This results in overall quicker load times for end users (see July 2017 Release (v2.2900.23)).

This feature also allows for components to be displayed as they’re loaded, changing the loading animation (see July 2017 Release (v2.2900.23)).


New Default Templates

More noticeably, the default result templates have been changed (see November 2017 Release (v2.3477.9)).


New DistanceResources Component

The DistanceResources component tries to resolve the user position and stores its value in a generated @distance field, making it easier to create components based on a user location and compare it to the location of your items (see November 2017 Release (v2.3477.9)).

Other Features and Bug Fixes

For more information on the many other features, enhancements, and bug fixes introduced in the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework, see July 2017 Release (v2.2900.23) and November 2017 Release (v2.3477.9).

New Case Deflection Panel

The new Case Deflection panel recommends solutions to your users as they’re entering a case.

It’s more easily customizable and provides more relevance than the legacy Coveo Case Creation component.

To implement it in your organization, see Integrate a Coveo Case Deflection component.


The Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component Is Now Available in the Lightning Service Console

The Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component delivers relevant solutions to your agents in a side panel while they’re viewing a case, enabling them to solve their cases more quickly and efficiently.

It’s now available as a Lightning component for your Lightning Service console.

To implement it in your organization, see Integrate a Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component.


Improve Access to the Interface Editor

In Coveo for Salesforce v3, you can now access the Interface Editor by selecting the edit button from the menu on the left rather than having to expand a menu at the bottom of the page.


Unavailable Features in Free Are Now Marked as Such in the Interface Editor

The Interface Editor of Coveo for Salesforce v3 now shows you which features aren’t available directly from the Interface Editor.


Identify and Solve Issues More Quickly When Using the Free Edition With the Health Check Page

For the Coveo for Salesforce Free edition users, the Health Check page is now the one-stop shop to identify and solve issues related to your Coveo for Salesforce implementation.

You will now be able to quickly identify issues with your implementation, and be proposed clear solutions to solve those issues.


For a complete list of all the changes with Coveo for Salesforce v3, see May 2018 Release: v3.10 (Initial Release).