Upgrading from v2 to v3

To know what’s new with Coveo for Salesforce v3, see What’s New In Coveo for Salesforce v3?.

While Upgrading from v2 to v3 shouldn’t break your environment, there are a few things that changed in the package that could affect your integration and customizations.

Upgrade to the Latest Coveo for Salesforce v2 Package

Before upgrading from v2 to v3, you should ensure that you install the latest Coveo for Salesforce v2 package (see May 2018 maintenance release: v2.51.4).

Installing the latest package is essential to be able to install the Coveo for Salesforce v3 package.

Coveo JavaScript Search Framework V2

Since Coveo for Salesforce v3 uses the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework V2, you should review the Version 1.x to 2.x breaking changes and upgrade guidelines.

Hard Coded Result Template Icons

If you had hard coded values for the value option of the icon component in your result template (see Coveo Icon Component - value), those icons won’t be displayed anymore. You can however reselect a value from the Interface Editor to use the new SVG equivalent icon.

If you used custom icons using the recommended best practice, your result templates won’t be affected.

This affects all the default result templates of the Coveo for Salesforce Free edition (deprecated).

Renamed $Resource Components

When creating custom components, you can reference the resources bundled with the Coveo for Salesforce package (see $Resource). The name of some of those resources has changed from v2 to v3.

The Coveo for Salesforce v2 resources should still exist in your environment even after upgrading to v3. However, you’re encouraged to reference the new resources instead, so you can benefit from the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Coveo for Salesforce v2 Coveo for Salesforce v3 equivalent








$Resource.JsSearch $Resource.searchUi
  • The interfaceEditor resource has not changed names.

  • The resources resource was split into five different resources:

    • assets: references all of the Coveo for Salesforce specific resources.

    • analytics: references the coveo.analytics.js project (see coveo.analytics.js).

    • jquery: references the latest 3.x.x jQuery version, packaged with Coveo for Salesforce.

    • styleguide: references the Coveo Vapor style guide (see React Vapor).

    • underscore: references the latest 1.x.x Underscore version, packaged with Coveo for Salesforce.

  • The JsSearch resource was renamed to searchUi, and now references the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework V2.