2017 Interface Editor Releases

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced throughout 2017.

The latest changes are available in Interface Editor Release Notes.

September 2017 Minor Release (v1.1.18)


[IE-94] - Adapt template creation wizard to Coveo for Salesforce Free

[IE-104] - Ensure that the recommendation component is visible in edit mode even when there are no results

May 2017 Minor Release (v1.1.11)


[IE-53] - [Salesforce integration]: The JavaScript Interface Editor now supports Lightning Locker.

March 2017 Release (1.1.6)


[IE-49] - Miscellaneous improvement to handle card layouts gracefully

Bug Fixes

[JSUI-1248] - Removed the Facet value caption option from the Interface Editor

[JSUI-1285] - Fixed an issue that made it impossible to enter certain numbers such as 1000 in the FacetSearchDelay text box in the Interface Editor

[IE-12] - Fixed crash issue when creating a result template with the Interface Editor

[IE-52] - Removed an undesirable scroll bar when using the Interface Editor with Firefox