V1 2017 releases

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This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced throughout 2017.

The latest changes are available in Interface Editor release notes.

September 2017 minor release (v1.1.18)


[IE-94] - Adapt template creation wizard to Coveo for Salesforce Free

[IE-104] - Ensure that the recommendation component is visible in edit mode even when there are no results

May 2017 minor release (v1.1.11)


[IE-53] - [Salesforce integration]: The JavaScript Interface Editor now supports Lightning Locker.

March 2017 release (1.1.6)


[IE-49] - Miscellaneous improvement to handle card layouts gracefully

Bug fixes

[JSUI-1248] - Removed the Facet value caption option from the Interface Editor

[JSUI-1285] - Fixed an issue that made it impossible to enter certain numbers such as 1000 in the FacetSearchDelay text box in the Interface Editor

[IE-12] - Fixed crash issue when creating a result template with the Interface Editor

[IE-52] - Removed an undesirable scroll bar when using the Interface Editor with Firefox