January 2018 Release (v1.2.18)

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the January 2018 Release (1.2.18).

Issue Number Enhancement
IE-101 Added the Interface Editor version number to the browser console.
IE-103 Removed the Include recommendation option when creating a search page.

Disabled non-available features for Coveo for Salesforce Free

IE-150 Removed SearchAlerts from default page creation.

Made the button to access the Interface Editor more obvious and easier to find.

IE-198 Added default sort criteria to the sort component.
Issue Number Bug Fix

[Result Template] Fixed issue where text fields would disappear when drag-and-dropped outside of the table.

IE-10 [Facet]Fixed issue where deselected sorting values would not be available anymore.
IE-14 [Result List] Fixed CSS discrepancy making results appear bigger in the Interface Editor.
IE-15 [Result Template] Fixed issue where switching between the Layout editor and the Code View tab prevented you from getting back to the Layout editor.
IE-18 [Tab] Ensured Add a New Tab button is after More in responsive mode.
IE-22 [Tab] Fixed issue where the More Tab option was displayed even when there were no more tabs available.
IE-23 [Tab] Ensured the Add a New Tab option was not hidden by the menu.
IE-43 [Firefox/Edge] Removed unnecessary scrollbar from component description.
IE-44 [Result Template] Fixed alignment issue when selecting premade result templates during result template creation.
IE-50 [Facet] Fixed issue that left a grey line when cancelling a facet drag.
IE-54 [Interface Editor Opener] Fixed issue where the Interface Editor opener box was not closed when clicking outside of it.

[Firefox] Fixed issue where component would be misaligned with the mouse while dragging it.


[Facet Slider] Fixed issue where entering a faulty numerical value would create a wrongly formatted slider.


[Internet Explorer 11] Fixed issue where tooltips were not displayed while hovering over a component.


[Internet Explorer 11] Fixed issue where tooltips would not disappear after selecting an option.

IE-61 [Field Table] Ensured all delete icons were centered.

[Localization] Changed window name from "Delete a language" to "Delete a string" when removing custom localization.


[Tooltips] Ensured long tips can be scrolled through.


[Tooltips] Ensured text is always wrapped.


[Component Options] Changed Save button to Apply button.


[Search Page Creation] Fixed issue causing the search page creation to fail when one query failed.

IE-105 Disable text selection when drag-and-dropping components.

[PipelineContext] Ensured adding arrays of values works.


Fixed styling conflict between the Interface Editor and the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework.


[UI Settings] Fixed issue where clicking under the UI Settings window did not close it.


[Tooltips] Ensured tooltips are always fully shown when hovering over the tip.


[Reponsive mode] Ensured the HeaderLabel option on tab is the same for all tabs.

IE-197 [Tooltips] Ensured URL in tips are clickable.

[Icon] Fixed issue causing icon selection not to work for SVG icons.


Changed "Save unsaved settings?" message to "Do you want to save your changes?".


Ensured clicking away from a field sleector always closes the selector.

Case Issue Number Fixed Support Case


Fixed issue where results could not be edited when using a particularly slow network.

00037211 IE-95 [Result Template] Fixed issue preventing result template editor from opening under certain conditions.
00037259 IE-96

Fixed issue where adding a date field to a result template would prevent you from saving the template.

00037298 IE-97 [Insight Panel Editor] Ensured the Edit Query button was displayed properly when previewing a query with the current record.