ERROR Exception while handling event Sitecore.ContentSearch.Events.IndexingFinishedEvent, Index was not found


On your Sitecore Content Delivery Server, in your Sitecore logs, you see many occurrences of this message:

Heartbeat ERROR Exception while handling event Sitecore.ContentSearch.Events.IndexingFinishedEvent
Exception: System.ArgumentException
Message: Index my\_Index was not found
Source: Sitecore.ContentSearch
at Sitecore.ContentSearch.ContentSearchManager.GetIndex(String name)
at Sitecore.ContentSearch.Maintenance.EventHub.UpdateIndexTimestampDirectHandler(Object sender, EventArgs args)
at Sitecore.Events.Event.EventSubscribers.RaiseEvent(String eventName, Object\[\] parameters, EventResult result)
at Sitecore.Events.Event.RaiseEvent(String eventName, Object\[\] parameters)
at Sitecore.ContentSearch.Maintenance.EventHub.<Initialize>b\_\_b(IndexingFinishedEvent event)
at Sitecore.Eventing.EventProvider.RaiseEvent(Object event, Type eventType, EventContext context)


This is an error in the configuration of Sitecore itself.

The error message is caused because <MY_INDEX> is defined in your Content Authoring server configuration but not in your Content Delivery server.


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The first thing to do is to find the <MY_INDEX> index on your Content Authoring Server, to do so:

  1. On your Content Authoring Server, do a Sitecore showconfig (http://yourSitecoreInstance/sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx).

  2. Search for the index that’s displayed in your Sitecore log (in this case, <MY_INDEX>).

  3. Determine in which configuration file the index is located.

  4. On your Content Delivery Server, edit the related configuration file by adding the reference to the missing index.