Supported Adobe Experience Manager Versions and Dependencies

This page lists the various Adobe Experience Manager versions supported by Coveo for Adobe. Not all service packs of a given minor version are explicitly mentioned in the table below. Coveo for Adobe should work with all early service packs of a supported minor version.


The Coveo Adobe Experience Manager Connector Package and Coveo Hosted Search Page Package don’t include Log4j in their dependencies and are therefore not affected by the Log4Shell Remote Code Execution vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228).

Supported Adobe Experience Manager versions Supported by Coveo since Known issues
Offerings Minor version Service pack
Managed Services
6.5 11, 12 February 28, 2022
6.5 10 September 24, 2021 This Coveo Adobe Experience Manager Connector package includes ACS AEM Commons version 5.0.6. Customers already using another version of ACS AEM Commons may experience issues.
6.4 8
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