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This component represents a ranking expression created from the Sitecore Rules engine.



A raw ranking expression to add to the query.

The default value is undefined.

<div class="CoveoForSitecoreRankingExpression" data-sc-ranking-expression='@qre(expression: @myfield==myvalue, modifier: "1000")'></div>


Specifies a Ranking Scope node generated by the Coveo Framework to be parsed and added to the query.

Coveo Hive translates rules entered in the Sitecore Rules engine into a parsable node that’s set in the markup of the option.

While it would be possible to replicate this structure, you’re strongly encouraged only to use this option with translated rules.

The default value is undefined.

This node was generated by creating the Where item has layout, add 100 to score ranking rule in the Search Interface Properties.

<div class="CoveoForSitecoreRankingExpression" data-sc-ranking-scope-node='{"rankingExpressions" : [{"expression" : {"type" : "field" , "fieldName" : "HasLayout" , "operator" : {"name" : "==" , "value" : 1},"fieldValueType" : {"name" : "boolean" , "value" : 0},"fieldValues" : [true]},"modifier" : 100}],"rankingFunctions" : [],"textualRankingExpressions" : []}'></div>


Specifies the tab on which to apply ranking scope.

If left undefined, the scope is applied regardless of the current tab.

The default value is undefined.

<div class="CoveoForSitecoreRankingExpression" data-sc-scope-to-tab='MyExternalContentTabId'></div>


<div class="CoveoForSitecoreRankingExpression"></div>
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