Coveo for Adobe New Features

Coveo for Adobe developers are constantly looking for ways to make the product more powerful and simpler to use. This article presents the main new features and enhancements specifically developed for the Adobe Experience Manager audience.

Adobe Experience Manager users may also benefit indirectly when new Coveo Platform and Coveo JavaScript Search Framework features are released. You should also follow our Coveo Platform news and Coveo JavaScript Search Framework releases.

September 24, 2021

Coveo AEM Connector MVP release reindex screen

Index AEM Content Natively!

Welcome painless content indexing! The new Coveo AEM Connector makes indexing AEM content a breeze, right from your AEM Author instance.

Index on publish, perform a full rebuild, or target a specific part of the JCR. The Coveo AEM Connector does it all, and it’s lightning fast. Download and install it now!

April 26, 2021

The Coveo Hosted Search Page Beta Package is Here!

Coveo now provides a package you can install in the Adobe Experience Manager CRX Package Manager. This package contains the Coveo Hosted Search Page component which retrieves the code of a Coveo organization hosted search page and seamlessly injects it in an AEM web page.

Image of hosted search page embedded in an AEM web page
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