Index With the AEM Connector

The Coveo AEM Connector is a package you can install in your AEM authoring instance. It provides the following advantages over using a generic Coveo Platform connector to index your AEM content:

See whether the Coveo AEM Connector supports your version of AEM.

How the Coveo AEM Connector Works

When you configure the Coveo AEM Connector, you create a link to your Coveo Platform Push source. Afterward, indexing actions in AEM generate calls to the Push API which add, update, or delete items in your Push source.

AEM indexing flow diagram
  1. The Coveo AEM Connector performs calls to the Push API.

  2. The Push API adds, updates, or deletes items in your Push source.

Add or update Push API calls also push metadata along with the document itself. This metadata is used to populate Coveo fields.

The Coveo AEM Connector uses the Domains settings from the Author instance Day CQ Link Externalizer configuration to produce Publish instance document URLs. This ensures clicking on a search result in a Coveo-powered search interface opens the published version of the document.

Indexed Content

The Coveo AEM Connector indexes published pages (i.e., jcr:primaryType = cq:Page) and assets (i.e., jcr:primaryType = dam:Asset).


When you index an AEM page, all properties on the document node and its associated jcr:content node are sent as metadata along with the document.


Given the arctic-surfing-in-lofoten page in the CRXDE Lite below, the Coveo AEM Connector considers the 3 properties on the arctic-surfing-in-lofoten node and the 11 properties on the jcr:content node.

Example of document node properties
Example of JCR content node properties

When the same property appears in both the document node and its jcr:content node (e.g., jcr:primaryType), the Coveo AEM Connector retrieves the property value from the document node.

You can create Coveo fields to index your AEM property values.


Not all AEM assets are indexed. The supported file types are:

  • Adobe Acrobat

  • Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint

  • Rich text format

  • Text Documents (only .txt files)

  • XML Documents (.xml)

  • Word Perfect

Additionally, only assets that are in a DAM folder with the same name as a site are indexed.

When you index an AEM asset, all properties on the asset node, and on its descendant jcr:content and metadata nodes are sent as metadata along with the document. You can create Coveo fields to index your AEM property values.

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