Coveo Relevance Cloud New Features

Coveo Relevance Cloud is where your Coveo organization index is hosted. Coveo updates are regularly made available to offer new and improved features.

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June 17, 2022 Update

capture of the Coveo Administration Console showing the new advanced configuration interface

Machine Learning Advanced Configuration

The Coveo Administration Console now lets users configure advanced parameters for their Coveo Machine Learning models without having to edit the model’s JSON configuration or use the commandLineParameters method.

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Settings Page Enhancement

In an effort to simplify the Settings page, we reorganized some of its content. The main improvement is that license limits have been grouped in a single subtab. This allows you to assess your resource consumption at a glance.

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June 06, 2022 Update

New Ranking Expression Rules Creation Interface

The interface for creating query pipeline ranking expression rules has been improved to provide a more intuitive and streamlined user experience.

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May 19, 2022 Update

Index Jira Software Cloud and Confluence Cloud Permission Systems

Thanks to Coveo’s new app on the Atlassian Marketplace, it’s now possible to create Jira Software Cloud and Confluence Cloud sources that replicate your content’s permission system.

This free app connects your Coveo organization with your Atlassian instance and thus enables user synchronization between both platforms. You can then create a source with the Determined by source permissions content security option. As a result, through a Coveo-powered search interface, authenticated users only see the items that they’re allowed to access within your Jira Software Cloud or Confluence Cloud instance.

Right now, using the plugin to index permissions of Jira Software Cloud and Confluence Cloud sources is possible in US and non-HIPAA organizations only. In other organizations, the Determined by source permissions option can’t be used yet.

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May 10, 2022 Update

New Search Interface Builder

Coveo now offers an intuitive builder allowing you to create Atomic search interfaces.

It is meant to offer an easy, no-code way to build a simple search interface. The process takes just a few minutes and the resulting search interface is immediately operational since it’s hosted by Coveo. It’s ideal for test and demo purposes.

This new builder is an alternative to the Interface Editor, which allows you to create JavaScript Search Framework search interfaces. The interfaces built with the Interface Editor, which are now referred to as classic search interfaces, aren’t impacted and will continue to appear in the list of hosted search pages.

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Options to build a search interface

Support Email Aliases for SharePoint Online

You can now configure your SharePoint Online security identities so that your SharePoint Online repository’s content permissions are respected when a user logs in to a Coveo-powered search interface using a Microsoft 365 email alias.

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April 1, 2022 Update

SharePoint Online Certificate Authentication

New SSL Certificate Authentication for SharePoint Online Sources

You can now authenticate your SharePoint Online source via an SSL certificate using app-only permissions. Previously, SharePoint Online sources could only be authenticated using a delegated user account (crawling account).

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New Hub-Site Indexing Option in SharePoint Online Sources

You can now choose to index the content of all sites that are associated with a SharePoint Online hub site, which includes all the associated site’s subsites and lists.

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SharePoint Online Hub Sites

March 21, 2022 Update

New Data Share Feature

The Data Share feature has been added to the Analytics section of the Coveo Administration Console. This new feature provides a convenient way for users to integrate their Coveo data into their existing Snowflake account.

Users can then leverage the data using BI or ETL tools.

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Data Share Feature

February 17, 2022 Update

Smart Snippets Creation Panel

New Smart Snippets Model Creation Interface

The Smart Snippets model creation interface has been improved to include a data validation panel that indicates whether the content selected by the user meets the requirements.

Users can also take advantage of pre-populated drop-down menus to select the index fields they want to target to create their models.

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New Case Classification Model Creation Interface

The Case Classification model creation interface has been improved to include a data validation panel that indicates whether the content selected by the user meets the requirements.

Users can also take advantage of pre-populated drop-down menus to select the index fields they want to target to create their models.

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Case Classification Creation Panel

Allow Content Preview Privilege

New “Allow Content Preview” Privilege

Now that Smart Snippets and Case Classification model creation interfaces incorporate information from index content, the Allow Content Preview privilege of the Machine Learning service is required to build these models.

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January 11, 2022 Update

API Key Privileges Panel

API Key Security Enhancement

In an effort to add a layer of security to API keys, we implemented the possibility to limit the scope of a key to a certain search hub.

Therefore, when granting an API key some specific privileges, you may see an invitation to select a search hub appear at the bottom of the resource list. We highly recommend that you select one as an additional layer of security for your API key.

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Groups & Campaigns General Availability

The Groups & Campaigns tab is now available in all Coveo organizations.

This query pipeline feature allows you to create sets of result ranking rules that apply for specific contexts, audiences, or periods of time.

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user interface of the Groups and Campaigns feature

December 13, 2021 Update

Important Icon

Coveo Is NOT Vulnerable to the Apache Log4j RCE

Upon being made aware of the vulnerability, we used a tool for software composition analysis that allowed us to pinpoint the vulnerable library in Coveo applications. Although some Coveo components were using the vulnerable library, we confirmed that the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) version used mitigated the Log4j attack surface by disabling a vulnerable configuration. We were also able to confirm that no customer data has been affected in connection with this vulnerability.

In order to fully remediate the vulnerable component, our teams have taken the necessary steps to update the Log4j library.

December 3, 2021 Update

Advanced In-Product Experience (IPX) Button Modification Using CSS

For increased flexibility, you can now use CSS elements in the HTML of your web page to modify the style of the IPX button, the button icon, and the button text.

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December 01, 2021 Update

Important Icon

New Critical Update: Optimized Security for Quick Views

A new critical update that includes a security patch for implementations that use the Quickview component is now available.

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Coveo Machine Learning Content Recommendations

The “Event Recommendations (ER)” feature will now be referred to as “Content Recommendations (CR)” to better reflect the outputs provided by these machine learning models and to match the terminology that is most commonly used to refer to this feature.

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Content Recommendations Diagram

November 3, 2021 Update

Generic REST API Source Enhancement

Coveo now supports using dynamic values containing whitespace characters in Generic REST API source configurations. In other words, if the fields in your repository have whitespace characters in their name, you can now use a special syntax to index their content seamlessly.

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October 18, 2021 Update

Semi-Structured Dimensions

The Add a dimension panel now includes the “Semi-structured dimensions” feature that lets you create custom usage analytics dimensions for semi-structured datasets.

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Improved ServiceNow Item Indexing Configuration

The ServiceNow source panel now includes a “Content to include” tab that lets users quickly set the system tables and fields to index by selecting the tables or fields in a list format. Previously, indexing was configured using JSON format. ServiceNow indexing configurations are maintained for users with existing ServiceNow sources as the configuration is transferred to the new interface.

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List Template Types to Ignore Option for SharePoint Online Sources

You can now configure the SharePoint list template types to ignore directly in your SharePoint Online source panel. Previously, this was configured using the ListTypesToIgnore parameter in the source JSON configuration.

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October 4, 2021 Update

Access Data with the Snowflake Reader Account

The Snowflake reader account lets you view and export your UA data directly in the database. Previously, this was only possible by performing a data export to a set of CSV files.

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September 29, 2021 Update

Login Page

Login Page Enhancements

You might have noticed that Coveo’s login page has been rebranded.

In addition to the refreshed look and feel, a new authentication method has been introduced. The Log in with email option allows users to access the Coveo Administration Console via a link sent to their inbox upon request.

This easy, passwordless method has been implemented with the new users of Coveo in mind, especially those starting a trial from However, if you are satisfied with your trial and want to upgrade to a full licence, we recommend switching to a different identity provider for smoother management and increased security.

For seasoned users of Coveo, the other various login methods still work exactly the same.

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Include and Exclude Content From Specific Pages for SharePoint Sources

You can now configure a SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server (on-premises) source to include or exclude content from specific pages based on URL expressions.

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Model Advanced Configuration

September 9, 2021 Update

Re-Index Changes to SharePoint Online List Folder Content

By default, your SharePoint Online source is set to recrawl a list folder if a change is detected in the folder when indexing, which can lead to long indexing times. You can now configure your source to not re-index changed list folders when indexing by disabling the new RecrawlListFolderContentOnChange parameter in your source JSON configuration.

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Ignore SharePoint Online List Template Types

You can now configure your SharePoint Online source to ignore specific SharePoint list template types when indexing items by modifying the new ListTypesToIgnore parameter value in your source JSON configuration.

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September 8, 2021 Update

Indexing Export Formats for Files in Dropbox

For file types that can’t be downloaded directly using the Dropbox API, your Dropbox Business source now automatically indexes the default export format of the file instead, if one exists.

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September 2, 2021 Update

New Slack Connector Source

The new Slack connector lets you quickly set up and configure a source to index the content of a Slack workspace and make it searchable through a Coveo-powered search interface. Previously, this was possible only through the Generic REST API.

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Slack Source Configuration

August 17, 2021 Update

Important Icon

Important Announcement

Coveo will deprecate Exchange Enterprise sources on February 17, 2022. Any existing sources will remain operational until then. However, Exchange Enterprise sources can’t be added in organizations created in August 2021 or later.

Model Advanced Configuration

You can now use the Advanced section of a Coveo Machine Learning model configuration to specify advanced parameters that are not available when configuring a model using the options of the Coveo Administration Console.

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Model Advanced Configuration

Consumption Dashboard Graph

Consumption Dashboard Data

In the consumption dashboard, you can now access data of past months up to January 2018. Previously, only the data of the last 12 months was available.

July 16, 2021 Update

Create Coveo Machine Learning Smart Snippets Models

A Coveo Machine Learning Smart Snippets model provides answers to user queries directly on the results list. The feature also provides additional questions and topics to help users find further information related to their queries without leaving the results page.

You can now create Smart Snippets models using the Coveo Administration Console.

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July 7, 2021 Update

Notification center

Moving Your Organization Status to the Notification Center

Your organization status, which previously appeared in the lower-left corner of the Administration Console, now resides in the notification center. Badges on the bell icon (Bell icon) notify you of status changes.

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June 21, 2021 Update

Create Coveo Machine Learning Case Classification Models

Coveo Machine Learning Case Classification models leverage a deep learning algorithm to generate classification suggestions based on context recognition.

You can now create Case Classification models using the Coveo Administration Console.

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June 16, 2021 Update

Notification Center

New Notification Center

A notification center has been added to the header of the Administration Console. For now, it allows you to access the Critical Updates and User Notifications pages. Additional features will be added in an upcoming release.

Web Source Configuration Tab Overhaul

The Web source Configuration tab has been overhauled in an effort to clarify and streamline the source configuration process. Changes include: ​

  • Moving the Content to Include section to the top and expanding it by default.
  • Renaming options (e.g., Crawling limit rate is now called Delay between requests).
  • Moving lesser-used interface options to the JSON configuration (e.g., MaxCrawlDepth, IndexExternalPages, RespectUrlCasing).
  • Grouping like options and information together (e.g., OCR options and User agent are now located in the Crawling Settings section).
  • Improving helper text and tooltips.

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Web Source Configuration Tab

June 10, 2021 Update

Organization Menu

Header Enhancement: Moved Organization Settings

In an ongoing effort to improve the header of the Administration Console, the Settings panel has been moved to the navigation menu, in the Organization section.

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Copy Source ID to Clipboard Option

On the Sources page, you can now click a source and, in the More menu, select Copy source ID to clipboard. The source ID is required in many Coveo REST API operations.

May 12, 2021 Update

Improved SharePoint Online Item Indexing

For SharePoint Online sources that do not index unapproved items, Coveo no longer deletes an approved item from the index when a newer version of the item exists with an approval status of Draft or Pending. If the Unapproved items option is disabled in a SharePoint Online source, an approved item is not deleted from the index when a newer draft version of the item exists.

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April 21, 2021 Update

Index Content of Shared Drives in Google Drive for Work

By default, a Google Drive for Work source indexes the content of the My Drive folder for either all or specific users on your domain, depending on the source Content Security configuration. However, you can now configure the source to index content from users’ Shared Drives as well.

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Dictionary Fields

Dictionary fields can be used anywhere you have multiple keys and values. They are most commonly used in commerce environments, where you’d have products sold at varying prices based on a store’s location.

Benefits of using a dictionary field include:

  • Displays the exact price of a product at all times.

  • There is no query lag, as the displayed price is extracted from the dictionary.

  • The facets created for sorting the product are precise.

  • Each shopper sees only one price.

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March 10, 2021 Update

Export Resource Configuration From One Organization to the Other

Typically, Coveo customers have a production organization and at least one non-production organization. This allows them to test changes in a non-production environment before applying them to the production organization.

To this end, the new resource snapshot feature lets you copy resource (e.g., source, field, and query pipeline) configurations from one organization to the other, rather than reproducing them manually in a second organization. This feature is especially useful when you have a large number of resources and want to make bulk changes.

Overall, the resource snapshot feature allows you to:

  • Export and import multiple resource configurations from one organization to the other.
  • Review a diff of the changes you import in an organization.
  • Save snapshots as backups.
  • Roll back your changes by importing a previous configuration.
  • Download and import snapshots into a version control tool.

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Resource Snapshots

February 12, 2021 Update


New Query Pipeline Navigation and A/B Test Experience

In order to provide a more intuitive experience, the tools provided on the Query Pipelines page have been reorganized. Query pipeline rule types are now grouped into a smaller number of tabs to improve and simplify the navigation.

In addition, you can now use the new Overview tab to manage the basic configuration of a query pipeline, such as its name, description, conditions, and access levels.

Finally, you can now manage your A/B tests directly in your query pipeline configuration using the A/B Test tab. This tab offers a newer and more convenient way to conduct A/B tests.

Note that these changes are currently being tested for quality assurance purposes. Therefore, the new query pipeline navigation is only available for Coveo organizations that have gone through the migration process. However, these changes will be available for all Coveo organizations by the end of March 2021.

Documentation on the new navigation tabs:

New Web and Sitemap Source Authentication Options

In the Web and Sitemap source panels, new authentication configuration options have been added.

First, the new confirmation methods URL Presence and Missing URL now allow you to enter a URL pattern that Coveo will use to determine whether an authentication request has failed.

In addition, when configuring automatic form authentication, you now have the option to have Coveo’s first request be for authentication.

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Confirmation Method and Force Login Options

January 29, 2021 Update

Important Icon

Important Announcement

Coveo will deprecate OpenText Content Server (OTCS) sources on July 31, 2021. If you already have an OTCS source, it will remain operational until then. However, OTCS sources can’t be added in organizations created in February 2021 or later.

January 12, 2021 Update

New Look, New Logo, Same Coveo Power

For 2021, we have a brand new logo, along with some other tweaks to our appearance — the first step in our big 2021 plans! You’ll find all the features and functionality you love exactly where you expect them to be, with a refreshed look and feel.

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New look, new logo, same Coveo power

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