Installing the Coveo Plugin for Atlassian Confluence

The second-generation Coveo source for Confluence comes with a Confluence plugin. The source needs the plugin to fully support refreshes and index permissions associated with each Confluence item so that users only see in the Coveo search results what they can see in Confluence. It is therefore recommended to install the plugin for Confluence on-premises installations.

Without the plugin, you must perform a source rescan or rebuild to take into account deleted, restored, moved items, and items with modified comments or permissions (see Schedule Source Updates). You must also set permissions globally on the source so that all indexed Confluence content is searchable by anyone that has the permissions to view the source content (see Content Security).

The Coveo plugin cannot be installed in Confluence Cloud. Thus, it is not supported to index Confluence Cloud item permissions.

What’s Next?

Create a Confluence Self-Hosted source and enter the credentials of the Confluence administrator account in the Authentication section (see Add or Edit a Confluence Self-Hosted Source).

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