Understanding the Coveo UI Pipelines

The Coveo UI pipelines are used to handle UI and control-specific events either in the Page Editor, Content Editor, or a standard Coveo-Powered Search Page.

Again, they’re somewhat less frequently customized than the indexing and search pipelines. You can find them in the /configuration/sitecore/pipelines section of the Coveo.UI.Controls.config file.

The following table is a summary of all those pipelines:

Pipeline Purpose Description Processors included by default Is typically customized?
saveDatasource Data source management Used to edit the data source of the current rendering. Coveo.UI.PipelineProcessors.SaveDatasource.Save x
uiGetMasters Insert options management Used to define which insert options should be available in the Content Editor (see All About Insert Options). In the context of Coveo for Sitecore, this is used to allow the Coveo-Powered Search Page template (along with its MVC version) to appear within the available insert options under the /sitecore/content node. Coveo.UI.PipelineProcessors.GetMasters.AllowSearchPageProcessor x
getChromeData Page Editor UI utilities Used to defer the refresh of Coveo components in the Page Editor. This is a specialization of Sitecore.Pipelines.GetChromeData.GetChromeDataProcessor. Coveo.UI.PipelineProcessors.GetChromeData.GetCoveoComponentChromeData x
inheritsFromCoveoTemplate Template inheritance utilities Used to determine whether a given item inherits from one of the Coveo templates. Coveo.UI.PipelineProcessors.InheritsFromCoveoTemplate.GetCoveoTemplates
coveoAnalyticsPipeline Analytics event processing Used to translate Coveo-generated page events (search, facet search, document view, etc.) to the format expected by the Sitecore Analytics database. Coveo.SearchProvider.Processors.HandleSearchEventProcessor
initialize Analytics REST endpoint initialization Used to initialize the Analytics REST endpoint. Coveo.UI.PipelineProcessors.Initialize.InitializeCoveoRoutes x
getDataSourceDialogURL Data source dialog management Used to manage data source dialogs. Coveo.UI.PipelineProcessors.GetDataSourceDialogURL.GetFieldDescriptors
preprocessRequest HTTP request pre-processing Used to pre-process HTTP requests managed by ASP.NET (see Important Pipelines in Sitecore). In the context of Coveo for Sitecore, this is used to fix a bug related to query strings in Sitecore 7.0.4 and 7.1.1. Coveo.UI.PipelineProcessors.PreprocessRequest.RewriteQueryStringProcessor x