Understanding the coveoItemProcessingPipeline Pipeline

This pipeline uses the CoveoItemProcessingPipelineArgs class and can be used to control which items are indexed by the Search Provider.

This pipeline is applied before items are processed by the Search Provider.

In the args, you can find the following properties:

Name Type Description
Item IIndexable The original item that was sent by Sitecore for indexing.
OutputItems List<IIndexable> The items that will be indexed by the Coveo Search Provider. It contains at least the original item that was sent by Sitecore.


In the Coveo.SearchProvider.Custom.config, under pipelines\coveoItemProcessingPipeline, you can add your processor.

Example Usage of the Pipeline

You could use this pipeline to create more items with the provided one, or to index items that would be related to the one being currently indexed.

Adding an item in the OutputItems list causes it to be indexed by the Search Provider. Make sure that this item is complete before you add it.