Understanding the Analytics Pipelines

The analytics pipelines are used to manage the Sitecore Analytics events. They’re somewhat less frequently customized than the indexing and search pipelines.

Coveo Analytics Pipelines

These pipelines can be found in the /configuration/sitecore/pipelines section of the Coveo.Analytics.xDB.config file:

Pipeline Purpose Description Processors included by default Is typically customized?
coveoAnalyticsPipeline Analytics event processing Used to translate Coveo-generated search events to the format expected by the Sitecore Analytics database. Coveo.Analytics.xDB.Processors.HandleSitecoreSearchEventProcessor No
initializeTracker Analytics event filtering Used to ignore page visits to the Coveo Analytics site (as defined in the sites section of the Coveo.SearchProvider.config file). Coveo.Analytics.xDB.Processors.IgnoreAnalyticsEndpointVisitsProcessor No