Adding Members to the Group

Once you’ve created a group and defined its privileges, you can now safely add a member to the group and invite the member to access your Coveo organization (see Manage Members).

You have already created a Sitecore Integrator group with restricted privileges (see Creating a Coveo Cloud Group for Developers and System Integrators). You now want to add a member to the Sitecore Integrator group and send the member an email invitation.

  1. Access the Coveo Platform.
  2. If you have access to many organizations or licenses, make sure you select the one you want to give access to.

  3. In the main menu, under Organization, select Members.

  4. Near the upper-right corner of the screen, click Add Member.

  5. In the Add a Member panel, enter the following information:

    • Provider: Select the provider of the member you want to add.

    • Username: Enter the email address of the member.

      When selecting Any under Provider, the Username field is called Email, but behaves the same way.

    • Email notification: Select this option to send an email invitation to the member.

      • This option isn’t displayed but automatically enabled when selecting Any under Provider.
      • When this option isn’t enabled, the user is only notified of their invitation when connecting to the Coveo Platform.

    • Group: Select the Sitecore Integrator group.

      Grant members just enough privileges for them to perform their tasks (see Privilege reference).

  6. Click Add Member. The member has now been invited to join your organization. This invitation expires after 31 days.